I'm Sarah. I am a registered and experienced Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, specialising in attachment and the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression.   I work from my private practice in South Yarra and Torquay.

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I provide a kind and safe therapeutic space - away from the demands of work, relationship and the complications of modern life – for you to explore your unique process of growth and transformation, and the conversation between your physical body, feeling-life and hopes and dreams for the future in which you seek.

Everybody wants to enjoy good mental health and physical ease – to be comfortable, present and confident enough to steer their lives in a way that best serves them. But early attachment patterns, major life events, unhelpful habits and beliefs and difficult emotions leave people feeling stuck, out of control, and the body feeling uncomfortable and unsafe.

Therapy allows you to pause and take stock. It will help you open to new perspectives and develop more meaningful relationships to aspects of your past and present. 

Therapy is a way to understand yourself and your relationships. 

Therapy will help you change old patterns, develop new capacities, and really take agency of your one precious and wild life.


Relief from trauma symptoms unhelpful thoughts and patterns of behaviour

Tools and techniques to manage stress and difficult emotions

Greater agency and control over your own life.

Self-awareness. Fresh understanding and new insights.

Acceptance and integration of past experiences, psychological wounds and PTSD.

Stress reduction. – Greater calm, clarity and better sleep.

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Though I do not believe
that a plant will spring up where
no seed has been,
I have great faith in a seed.
Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders
— Henry Thoreau