Mindfulness Programs and Humans Becoming Launch

I am pleased to announce that I have finally launched Humans Becoming. 

Humans Becoming is the platform for my teaching and consulting practice. This is where you will find information about my mindfulness workshops and other educational programs and events, which I previously marketed through my private practice..

I want to explain what my practice of Humans Becoming means to me.

I first heard the phrase 'human becoming' from my dear late teacher and mentor, Andrew Cargill. I was immediately struck by these words, which so aptly describes the shared human experience of the open ended nature of inner-work.

A few years ago I came across this paragraph byJohn Welwood.

”As human beings we are the ‘unfinished animal'.Our nature is open-ended and malleable, and we are forever discovering anew what we are capable of. Although we are given a human body at birth, we are not given our full humanity. Becoming human means discovering our fullness and learning to live from it. This involves bringing forth more of who we really are and becoming more available to whatever life presents”.


Knowing that the process of inner work is open-ended, Humans Becoming programs are designed to strengthen body mind unity and promote psychological growth, awareness and well-being. 

If you want to  receive email notifications about upcoming mindfulness training and Humans Becomings events , they'll now be sent through Humans Becoming. Send me an email and I will add you to my email list. 

Impressive Mindfulness Meditation Seminar

Meditation Australia is presenting a talk on Meditation in Australia: Past, Present and Future.  It is bound to be a special evening, with Craig Hassed and others be presenting.

Craig is an Associate Professor at Monash University and has been a leading force in the Australian mindfulness movement.  He has been instrumental in training medical trainees in mindfulness training and spreading mindfulness through Monash University and beyond. You might have seen him interviewed in the film The Connections. 

I am definitely looking forward to this event. No doubt I will see many of you there! 

You can find more information about this mediation event here: