Trauma therapy

Trauma, Physical Pain and Tension as a Precursor to Movement

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Giacometti – Nauman exhibition at the Schirn Mueseum in Frankfurt Germany. Here I came across this beautiful Giacometti sculpture.

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This woman immediately transported me back to my psychotherapy rooms. She reminds me of many of the people I have worked with over the years affected by trauma.

Look closely. What does her body tell you?

I see armpits that cannot breathe, a tight belly, a body in contraction.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapists, working with trauma have a saying, “tension is a precursor to movement”.

For us trauma therapists and counsellors, physical tension isn't always structural, but is often an indication of a motor movement wanting to happen. Some patterning that exists in the body, stuck or distorting, in search of satisfaction, release or completion. A push, a movement into flight, maybe a reaching for support or care.

I can't help wonder what happened to Giacometti's lady. Does she carry her own trauma history?