Soul Centred therapy aims to facilitate and support you in your search for personal meaning and journey with your inner life. It explores processes, which take you deeper into awareness to become more acquainted with different parts of yourself, whilst teaching you how to manage difficult and powerful emotions and integrate past memories.

Soul Centred Psychotherapy utilises the power of story, mythological, and archetypal understandings, creative expression and body-centred exercises to inform your understandings. It is grounded in feminine principles that value relatedness, heart, being with and tending to.



Soul Centred Psychotherapy was developed over twenty years ago by psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Kaalii and Andrew Cargill. Whilst existing outside the realms of mainstream academic psychology, it is widely known for its innovative, truly multifaceted and refreshingly heart-centred approach. 

Carl Jung, Thomas Moore, Marion Woodman, Clarissa Pinkola, Susie Orbach and the beautiful poet David Whyte are our modern day therapists of the soul. 


Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you, As a fish out of water hears the waves...Come back. Come back. This turning toward what you deeply loves saves you.
— Rumi