Client Testimonials


I began working with Sarah out of a need to explore some of my habits and patterns on a deeper psychological level. I found the few sessions I had with Sarah incredibly helpful, enlightening and powerfully therapeutic. Sarah has a way of making you feel incredibly safe, respected, accepted and cared for. She is a natural warmth and holds a space in a way that allows for deeper exploration and expression to take place. Sarah introduce a few different processes into our sessions, which I found to be very powerful. I was able to shed light on unresolved emotional experiences and beliefs from childhood and experiment with new ways of being with myself which felt lighter, stronger and gave me a greater sense of freedom.I would highly recommend Sarah as an incredibly warm, friendly, highly skilled and experienced therapist.
– Anna

Working with Sarah has been so transformative. Her approach is incredibly warm, open and versatile. I have been able to really see real tangible progression in the areas that we have worked on together, and her guidance has been invaluable navigating the past few months.
– Jo Lippold


Sarah connects her many years training with experience to deliver a very powerful message to the conscious and subconscious, and always with a smile and good heart, great working with you.
– Jerri Svenson


I highly recommend Sarah. Since starting with her I have found a welcoming ease within myself and I'm now looking at my life with a fresh pair of eyes. She has helped me gain insights I never knew existed inside me. Sarah has been so helpful in guiding me in many different areas of my life.
– Holly Taffe


Sarah is the perfect person to be a therapist. She is intelligent, well read, articulate and imparts a compassionate demeanor to her patients. She has a wealth of experience in mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. Sarah will give you confidence in yourself, your life journey and the skills to move forward. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you, as I do to many of my patients, friends and colleagues. Love her warmth and caring. – David Devonshire


Sarah is wonderful to work with and her approach makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I was (pleasantly) surprised that not only did Sarah arm me with the tools I needed to understand and deal with the issues I came with, but her gentle care helped me uncover things I never knew existed. She really is like the best big sister you could have, and always in your corner. Highly recommend her trance work too, very focused and very soothing. – Kelly Rossi

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