Emotional Field Therapy, sometimes called 'tapping', is a gentle and simple technique that utilises the Chinese meridian system to work with the interface between thoughts, emotions and energetic disturbances in the body. Tapping involves stimulating specific acupressure points with the tips of your fingers.

You can use tapping on your own to address many psychological challenges. It's one of many resources and tools I offer you, so that you can better support yourself outside of our sessions.

Tapping releases intense emotions, unhelpful thoughts and metabolises unpleasant physical sensations. It creates greater harmony in your body, as your energy system comes back into balance


How it works

The meridians are the energy channels of your body. Each meridian regulates a particular system in your body. For example, there's the kidney meridian which supports kidney function, the lung meridian that supports lung function and so forth. 

Your meridian system plays an important role to:

  • Bringing vitality and balance
  • Remove blockages
  • Adjust metabolism
  • Determine the speed and form of cellular change

Thoughts and emotions can trigger disturbances in your meridian system, jeopardising the systems it feeds and causing you to feel emotional, unsettled or out of balance. Tapping on specific meridian points, whilst simultaneously being with the distressing or limiting belief, emotion, and bodily experience, can bring about great change and calm – and create space for new more positive and adaptive experiences to emerge.