I specialise in trauma. I am internationally trained in leading trauma modalities, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Havening Techniques and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. I have provided trauma therapy with the Centre Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence, formerly known as Barwon CASA.  

Unresolved trauma can have lasting and devastating effects on a person's functioning. Impacting on work, relationships, sense of self, safety and resilience.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the clinical term given to describe what happens when traumatic symptoms persist for more than a month after a traumatic event.



Recurring or distressing memories

Intrusive images or flashbacks

Distress triggered by reminders that link back to the traumatic event

Avoiding or attempting to avoid thoughts

Intense feelings: anxiety, agitation, restlessness (high activation of the nervous system) 

Depression (low activation of the nervous system)

Low self-esteem


Avoiding activities, places, people which trigger recollections of the trauma

Diminished interest in normal activities

Emotionally distant or reactive

Pessimistic about the future

Difficulties sleeping and concentrating

Problems with anger


Easily startled



Trauma can be thought of any event that threatens the integrity of a person's survival.

Car or sporting accidents

Physical or sexual abuse

Childhood trauma: incest, neglect, separation, loss, attachment failure

Being caught in a natural disaster

Being in war

Being involved in or witnessing a crime

Witnessing an unexpected or violent death

Or emotionally distressing events that threaten a person's sense of self.

Being publicly shamed

Losing a parent or sibling

Any form of emotional abuse

Developmental or trans-generational trauma


Resolved Trauma

Trauma treatment means that you can put your traumatic past behind you and get on with life. Once a traumatic memory has been resolved you are able to recall the event as a past memory, without having to relive the unpleasant sensations, painful memories, thoughts and limiting beliefs that are associated with it.  

To avoid re-traumatisation, effective trauma treatment requires working with a trained trauma therapist. Talk therapy is not recommended for trauma based work.

Want to know more about trauma and trauma treatment? 

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